It is often asked whether hypnosis and meditation are the same thing. 
In many ways the answer is yes and in many ways the answer is no. We’ll explore the theme of hypnosis
and meditation here in relationship to Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Training. 
First we can define hypnosis as a natural yet altered state of mind where communication and
responsiveness exist with the subconscious mind. This is the formal (shorter) definition that is used in
the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy for this state of mind and it should be noted that the word
“relaxation” does not occur anywhere in the definition. A person can be relaxed and in hypnosis and
also quite agitated and yet still said to be hypnotized.
One thing we can say about hypnosis is that it usually (yet not always) involves a refocusing of attention
inwards where one’s attention is placed away from external objects of consciousness and into one’s
own inner reality.
Meditation on the other hand is also a natural and altered state of mind where attention is focused
inwards, yet unless we have subconscious responsiveness to suggestion, then according to these
definitions we do not have formal hypnosis.
Meditation could simply be defined as the act of putting one’s attention upon something and
continually bringing the attention back to that something. This could be internal or external, yet it
usually involves some form of concentration. In our Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Training students not
only learn the basics of hypnosis, yet they learn meditation to take them into deeper states than
traditional hypnosis can go. However, when we combine the power of suggestion to guide people into
these states, then the line blurs between just what is hypnosis and what is meditation.
In this Free Online Hypnotherapy Class taught at the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy at 7:00pm EST at we will be discussing the themes of somnambulism (deep hypnosis) and samadhi (deep
meditation). We’ll see how these combine beautifully into a Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Training that
allows us to put our attention upon the Light of Consciousness within and to come to know ourselves on
ever deeper level of being. The journey inwards is very peaceful and blissful and the experience
transcends all words, definitions and techniques. Beyond words it becomes an experience that we
simply share together in a space of love and joy.