It’s false to believe that if you are spiritual, you shouldn’t be well off.  This is not in alignment with spirit.  Being spiritual means being in alignment with love and abundant peaceful well-being.  It means living from your highest intentions with regard to your health, relationships, finances, recreation and education.  This is what living a spiritual life entails.  It’s what it means to have a life that is really fulfilling.
You want prosperity in everything you do, prosperity in all levels of your life.  But the subconscious mind has a great way of sabotaging your highest intentions.  You have to know that you are truly worthy of happiness and success.  That’s because your subconscious mind will never let you be what you resent.  You may have fear blocks, guilt blocks or insecurity issues to get through before you can achieve your highest and best intentions.  You may have issues around money or you may be hanging on to some unforgiven events.  Being free of fear and your issues is a large part of achieving success.  This is what makes spiritual living very rewarding.
Spiritual prosperity is rooted in integrity and high standards.  Do whatever you have to do to succeed from a place of love and peace.  Set your intention on the highest and best for yourself and those you interact with.  Then get your subconscious mind aligned with that intention.  If you don’t know what you want, how are you going to get it?  That’s why it’s important to set your intention.  How can you get your subconscious mind aligned?  Align prosperity with spirituality by realizing spirituality is beauty and abundance.  Imagine being surrounded by things that reflect that you’re happy and allow the money to be there.  .Try falling asleep while listening to spiritually oriented prosperity material, easily found on youtube.  This is a good way to align your subconscious.
Try hypnosis for manifesting prosperity.  Hypnotherapists trained at the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy know spiritual prosperity protocols.  They also know how to identify and clear away your subconscious mind’s sabotaging methods.  Hypnotherapy is taking in positive suggestions.  You are worth the small investment to have this done.  Be exceptional.  Go way above and beyond.  Dream bigger than what you’ve ever dreamed before.  Spirit will take you there.  But Spirit is gentle and will not do anything you are not ready for.  When you clear your issues and blocks, set your intention and align your subconscious, you’re all set.  Spirit has been waiting for you to have the life you were born to live.