One of the best ways to know that you are a spiritual being having a human experience is through the out of body experience. Let’s talk about some of the higher experiences you can have thru the out of body experience. When you start to leave your body, and there’s different ways of doing it, it’s conscious and voluntary. It starts with the state called body asleep, mind awake, which is a deep hypnotic state. At this level, even if you are deeply relaxed, you won’t be able to leave your body because if you try to get up, your body will come too. The next state is the vibrational state, where you feel every cell in your body vibrating and moving. When the vibrational state happens, you can perceive two levels, the physical and the spiritual. They can easily come apart and you will be able to float right out of your body. You put yourself into this state and you are consciously leaving your body. You are not visualizing flight. You are literally taking yourself out of your physical body.
At this point, you fully realize you are a spiritual being and your fear of death goes away just like that. It’s beautiful to realized that you don’t really change and that all the people you know who have passed are all alright, that they’re all the same and you are also the same. It’s good to know.
What happens beyond that? You can fly around the physical plane. It’s fun getting out of your physical body and getting to experience flying. No matter where you go, it’s really a nice experience. Eventually you’ve kind of been there done that. You visited friends and family members, went to another city, another country, or went all around the world. You can fly around the solar system and that’s fun, too.  But that’s all in the physical plane.
You can transcend that physical plane to experience the astral levels where there are soul groups, councils, brotherhoods, spirit guides, angelic beings and realms that are beyond the physical. These are fully accessible in the out of body experience.  Time travel also becomes a reality. If you would like assistance learning to travel out of body, you can contact a Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy trained hypnotherapist for some one on one help. It’s part of the curriculum at the school and they have all had the experience. Perhaps you’d like to help others have out of body experiences. . After attaining these higher heights you get this sense of compassion and service. You want to share this. Hypnotherapy is a profession that allows you to do that.