Are you feeling the effects of aging?  When you look in the mirror are you beginning to see an older you?  Do you feel tired and run down?  Are you no longer doing activities you used to enjoy?
The Anti Aging industry is all around us, sending us message after message about our age and what new product we can buy or purchase to reverse or slow down the aging process.  Those messages become our thoughts. So if thoughts become things...well you might see where this is going.
Could the answer to turning back the clock, slowing down the aging process really just be in your thoughts?  Could anti aging really be that simple?  The answer is emphatically Yes!!!   Studies demonstrate that people who practice hypnotic anti aging thinking techniques begin to think younger, feel younger and overall increase their happiness exponentially.
A Harvard University Study, "Back to the Past for an Optimal Future" mind body experiment conducted by Ellen Langar,  PsyD took a group of seniors in their 70’s and 80’s on a retreat to see if she could reset their body clocks to 1959. They were instructed to not reminisce but to actually live, speak and read newspapers from that time period. They were instructed to keep their thoughts focused on how they acted and felt in 1959. After 7 days those who participated experienced significant physical and mental improvements in the following areas more flexibility, better hearing & eyesight, improved posture, improved mental performance and elevated spirits and optimism.
So how can your thoughts and hypnosis work to reverse the aging process for you? The truth is that just like the men in the experiment, your thoughts create your reality.   Simply put, if your mind can see it and imagine it, then your body will follow and you will experience the benefits physically.  Using hypnotherapy and meditation, you can literally reset your body clock to look younger and feel younger.
The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy offers the following tips to help you begin feeling younger and how you can set back your body clock:
The Power of Visualization

1.    Find time to quiet your mind daily and begin to visualize a younger you, see yourself as you want to be. You have permission to daydream and meditate on what you truly want.
Make Exact and Specific Goals
2.    Be specific in your goals and test them to ensure your mind will accept this new information about how you want to look and feel.  
Pinterest Anyone?
3.    Create a digital dream board by collecting all the images that remind you of a younger you and take the time to get clear on exactly what you want and desire. You can apply this to not only your physical appearance but your relationships, mental health, traveling, finances and all the major life categories.
Remember!  Your thoughts are creating your reality!  If you find you are having trouble with these three steps, or you find you have any mental resistance to them, remember, this is most likely your subconscious mind at work!
Want to start feeling younger?  Learn more about how you can use hypnosis to reverse the aging process.  The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy, the only Florida state licensed hypnotherapy school,  is hosting an online virtual class Monday, September 22, 2014  at 7:00 p.m. EST  taught by school Founder and Director,  Matthew Brownstein, CCHt.  Matthew will be provide age revitalizing information on how you can utilize hypnotherapy to help you reverse the aging process.

Come join the class by filling in the information at the link here, we look forward to you joining us.