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The most profound spiritual experience is cosmic consciousness, the vision of your cosmic self. This can be achieved using out of body travel. You concentrate on having a cosmic consciousness experience. Your individual sense of self starts to drop away. The higher you go, the more you let go. The more you let go, the more you realize that your consciousness is not limited in size. You can be as small as an atom and you can be big as the entire universe. When this realization really begins to sink in, you might feel some fear because you are literally losing your sense of who you thought you were. Instead, you’re getting a sense of the glorious nature of who you really are, this beautiful being of light. You also realized that every human being really is this beautiful being of light. After you have experienced it, when you come back into your body and into your everyday life, you can perceive everyone else without any judgment. You can honor who that other person really is. You don’t have to lower your vibration to help others, you can still stay spiritually aware.
In the cosmic consciousness experience, you feel and know how vast and powerful you really are. You understand the concept of creating and manifesting your own reality, how you want your life to be. When you think you’re just a body with a spirit in it, creating and manifesting doesn’t mean much more than wishful thinking. But after you experience yourself as this glorious being, you know you can manifest very beautiful realities. Go ahead and create a beautiful life for yourself. You’re empowered to do that. There’s no reason for you to have to lower your vibration for anyone and there’s no reason to compromise. You can create “win-win” situations with others. That way you make a beautiful life with your intentions.
The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy offers a workbook and audio series called “Astral Projection – The Out of Body Experience” on the products page. It will help you achieve the ability to leave the physical body and travel consciously and voluntarily as long as you are willing to align yourself with the ability. The out of body experience is an amazing way to know that you are indeed spirit and not matter. Not only does it open you to incredible worlds and dimensions, it inevitably unfolds your spiritual growth in the process. Hypnotherapists trained at the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy are well versed in these protocols, should you feel you need more one on one assistance. Happy travels!