We're proud to introduce our esteemed guest on our Monday Night Self Improvement Class with Matthew Brownstein, Dr. Rev. Sherry Gustafson! Rev. Sherry sat down and spoke a bit about her journey before her meeting with us on Monday, September 29th at 7pm EST. So without further ado , may I present Dr. Rev. Sherry Gustafson.
As a child, I always knew I wanted to help people. I was always counseling everyone. Then, as I grew older, I felt a calling to be a Healer. But I was confused. I asked myself, “Under what or whose auspices could I ever possibly do this?” Back in 1985, when I moved from Michigan to Florida, I discovered that my options were pretty limited. You had to be either a mental health counselor, working within approved guidelines, or, a nurse or massage therapist in order to touch people.
Those were not good options for me.
Shortly thereafter, I had the good fortune to be introduced to a woman who was an ordained minister. She explained to me that under ministerial guidelines, I could do everything I had wished for and more!
Since I am what author, Carolyn Myss, calls a “recovering Catholic”, becoming a “minister” had all the appeal of going to jail or being a complete hypocrite. It was the last thing I ever expected. But, somehow, I got over myself long enough to look into it and 22 year later… I feel it turned out to be one of my most profound and wise decisions ever.
Let me tell you why…
Becoming a minister opened doors beyond my wildest dreams. It led me to people who, like me, were searching for their own unique “Soul Calling” and when one taps into the morphic field of mysticism anything can happen and miracles are born. I was, and still am, amazed at my life, as a result of becoming an ordained minister. Some highlights include:
•    I was hired by Walt Disney World as their only female officiant and I performed thousands of weddings for people from all over the World.
•    I have baptized babies and helped counsel the parents to become the teachers who hold the keys to their children’s life successes.
•    I owned and operated a healing center and held World Peace Ceremonies, as my commitment to Mother Earth.
•    I’ve written books and I’m continually expanding my personal Soul Calling.
I’m excited, happy, and looking forward to helping all of you join us on the incredible journey to YOUR soul calling!