An important aspect of daily spiritual life is to know that failure does not have to be an option. You don’t have to let go of your dreams. Letting go of your dreams just can’t be an option. Yet your subconscious mind may have other things going on. Your subconscious has a remarkable ability to self-sabotage simply because it has a different agenda. You are not aware of its agenda, that’s what makes it subconscious. Even when you have the best intentions and the highest ideas of how you can conceive your life, things happen that get in the way. You could be working very hard to move towards your goals and dreams. But when things happen that seem to make it close to impossible to move forward, it might be a good idea to find out what kind of agenda is in your subconscious mind. The more you are able to identify and resolve, the smoother it will be for you to manifest your dreams and goals. You will be more and more aligned with the higher purpose you were born to fulfill.
If you acknowledge yourself as a spiritual being, that means you’re an eternal being. It means you didn’t start when your body started and you won’t stop when your body does. As you grow and evolve, your dreams will also grow and evolve. Because you are an eternal, ever-expanding being, growth is inevitable. Since you are having a human experience right now, you may have certain things you are not satisfied with. Sometimes it’s not just wanting certain things, but really needing them. Being aligned with your higher purpose will bring in the things you need, not just for the moment, but also the things you will need to continue your growing and expanding. A state of joy and compassion will well up inside you throughout your days, and a wonderful desire to share this with others.
Your desire to share with others, to help them feel joy and compassion, encompasses your higher purpose to have a life that is fulfilling and meaningful. This is something you can be proud of, knowing how many people you have helped. If having this kind of life sounds true and right and harmonious for you, why not clear away any subconscious agendas that might be getting in your way? A few sessions with a hypnotherapist can not only help you identify the unconscious beliefs that are blocking your success, they can also replace those beliefs with positive ones that will help you on your way. Try listening to “Never Give Up – Programming Persistence” in the community section –free video library of Monday night classes - of this site for insights into getting started.