There are few experiences that even come close to what it is like to find one’s self as apart from one’s physical body.  Near-Death-Experiences are almost always life-changing for those who have them, yet there is no need to experience a major trauma or surgery to experience yourself as existing as separate from your physical form.  Through hypnosis we can learn to align ourselves for conscious and voluntary out-of-body experiences that are often incredibly pleasurable and once again exceptionally life-changing.
Also known as astral projection, through hypnosis, we can use the power of the altered state combined with direct suggestions to increase the probability of this experience.  For those who have had it life is never the same again.  The fear of death is almost instantly eliminated and one’s knowledge that the essence of a human being is indeed spiritual is easily grasped.  This understanding is not just through book knowledge, yet when Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Training teaches hypnotherapy students to leave their bodies then the experience becomes extremely personal and real.
As the founder of the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy, a practicing Hypnotherapist for over 17 years now and as someone who has had countless out-of-body experiences, it is my pleasure to offer this class as not only part of our Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Training, but also as a free live hypnotherapy class this Monday Night on 10/6/2014 at 7:00pm EST.  For those who miss the class live, all of our Monday Night Free Hypnotherapy Classes are posted on our website.  For live class or recordings, visit and look under our Community Section.
If you are truly interested in leaving your body through hypnosis or experiencing astral projection through hypnosis, then these classes are great primers to get you excited about the experience.  Sometimes it takes practice and therefore the school offers a brief yet powerful course on Astral Projection (Purchase Here) you can download a workbook and 13 different hypnosis audio recordings for an out-of-body experience.  Unlike free audios or videos as found online, this system is a complete course in and of itself that has been proven to work for those who apply it.
Not everyone who practices this or other techniques leaves their bodies through hypnosis within a desirable period of time, yet with enough repetition the out-of-body experience (in my personal opinion) becomes inevitable and hypnosis greatly increases that probability.