Stress is a very general word for many negative feelings, yet it is also quite beneficial in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy to over-generalize the opposite of stress, which is simply peace.  When we are upset in any way, regardless of how we label these feelings, when it comes down to it we just want to be at peace.  Therefore, Hypnotherapy Training that focuses on Transpersonal Teachings can make peace the highest priority and therefore bypass the need for in depth discussions about what is truly bothering a person for in the end the goal is the same and the means for getting there are the same.
If we simply look to use stress reduction methods to guide a person to peace, then they will always be dependent upon those methods and in truth many of the means for reducing stress are only simple techniques that do not offer deep long-lasting change.  With Transpersonal Hypnotherapy we honor that the nature of a human being is spirit.  We honor that at the core of all of our beings is love, light, joy, goodness, oneness and a general state of well-being known as peace.  
When the techniques that are used to bring a person to peace focus on over-generalized root causes then peace is not hard to find.  One of the most general concepts that proves quite beneficial in Hypnotherapy is that there is only one problem and only one solution. The problem is a feeling of separation which is brought about by unforgiveness and the solution is the direct experience of oneness brought about through forgiveness.
When we are not at peace we are in conflict within ourselves, yet when we explore this conflict at its deepest levels we discover that we are not at peace with others.  We have not forgiven ourselves and we have not forgiven others.  Stress reduction in this model focuses on forgiveness in relationships at the deepest levels of one’s psyche, rather than just teaching breathing exercises or offering simple guided meditations.
It is beautiful that people are catching on to Hypnotherapy and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy.  It is beautiful that people wish to learn hypnosis and to learn stress reduction, yet when they are directly guided to peace and the means for achieving true peace, then the work is not only beautiful yet it also becomes deeply rewarding.
The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy is dedicated to this universal state of peace and offers free Monday Night Classes at 7:00pm EST online at to share this message and to help others to know of the true depth of this very satisfying and globally transforming work.