By: Matthew Brownstein 

Many Hypnotherapy Trainings that focus on the spiritual side of things put a lot of attention on past-life regression and the now ever more popular life-between-life regressions.  All of this work is very satisfying and very transformative in and of itself, yet at the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy our Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Training focuses on much more than just these techniques for a major emphasis of our work is on the concept of spiritual growth and the stages that a person goes through during a spiritual journey.
Spiritual growth can be understood in two ways:  One is that we clear the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence and in this opening up we are said to have grown.  The other way is that we gradually put more and more of our attention upon spirit itself and known ourselves to be that very being.
These two movements are crucial in understanding spiritual growth in relationship to Hypnotherapy.  Hypnotherapy is excellent at clearing the blocks to love, yet its techniques are relatively new. For many hundreds of centuries great saints, sages and spiritual seekers have made great progress in their spiritual growth without it.  So, to utilize the methods of the deeper wisdom traditions, such as meditation, in our hypnotherapy practice can only benefit our clients and ourselves.
In Transpersonal Training and Spiritual Growth, we honor that each relationship becomes a holy encounter.  When two people come together with intentions for unfolding more love, light and joy that spiritual growth is happening for the client and for the hypnotherapist as well.  Healing does not occur in isolation.  Both the healer and the one being healed are transformed in a process of true spiritual growth.
To understand spiritual growth it is important for us to understand the stages of spiritual growth as outlined in the world's great spiritual traditions.  At the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy we teach our students how to understand what stage a client is at and how to guide them into the next stage of their growth.  The model is not rigid, diagnostic or judgmental, for it simply serves as a guidepost for us to know how to utilize our techniques properly.  This is not easily explained in one simple blog entry, yet interested readers are encouraged to join our Monday Night Conscious Community webinars at 7:00pm EST at where we discuss these themes and where question and answer are always encouraged.