By: Carolyn Fields

Connect to the place of peace within. Nurture your spiritual development. If you resonate with these types of teachings, you may have thought about times when you feel so overwhelmed with what is going on in your everyday life that you forget about your own spirituality. You may have decided to investigate how to maintain your spiritual perspective during your daily routine. There are ways to make it so, even if you don’t always do it every time. No one does. Things happen from time to time that feel absolutely devastating. The more you get on the spiritual path, the more things happen because you have asked for that kind of growth. Breathe.
Sometimes it helps to know that you will never be given more than you can handle. Sometimes it doesn’t help because you really don’t want to deal with whatever it is right now. But there are levels of perspective you can align yourself with that will help immediately. This is part of nurturing your spiritual development. Ask yourself if you are a human with a spirit inside, or if you are a spirit having a human experience. This helps switch the perspective. You can practice this when things are going well for you; and when they are not, you find you have developed a habit that helps sustain you.
Practice being aware of that place of peace inside you, that place of perfect peace regardless of what’s happening in your body, emotions or mind. This is beneficial to your own inner experience. Set your intention using self hypnosis to remember to return to your inner place of peace throughout your day. Let it go. Spirit will remind you when you need it most.
Practice keeping your heart open and allowing yourself to feel your emotions while remaining at peace about it. You can learn to be at peace with a broken heart, with loss and grief, sadness, even anger. You can have thoughts about these feelings and still be at peace as well. Remember, the heart and mind are in the realm of duality, the realm of change. If you remember, “I am spirit,” you can find the one inside you that thinks the thoughts. You can become aware that there is a “you” who is observing your thoughts. Meditate or use hypnosis to establish this and to allow the experience of it. You can know the words: “spirit, peace, love, bliss” but strive to allow the actual experience of these words. Aim at having that direct experience of what the words are pointing to. It is a wonderful part of the spiritual path. Listen to “Peace under all circumstances” Monday night Conscious Community recording for more on nurturing your spirituality.