By: Carolyn Fields
If you seek to cultivate a relationship with your Spirit Guides, you can expect the quality of your life to improve. A relationship with your Spirit Guides is a powerful source of guidance that enhances your spiritual growth. As you hone your intuition skills by honoring and paying attention to your inner knowing, you will feel closer and closer connection to Spirit Guides. But they don’t always use words for communication. They also use signs, symbols, synchronicities and coincidences to help you find your way.
You probably already hear your Spirit Guides but they sound like you in your own thinking. Practices such as hypnosis, meditation, lucid dreaming and astral travel can help you gain confidence in your ability to perceive your Guides. Know they tend to not only send a message, but will follow that with a validating synchronicity. It can be a line in a song, a passage that you’ve read, or someone will say something to you. Paying attention to these things is part of honing your intuition skills.
If you feel you really are not making much progress toward effective communication with your Guides, you may want to consider that you have overly protected your heart chakra. You may be blocking it at the throat chakra. Your throat chakra is what’s separating your head from your heart. So when you can’t perceive anything, it may be that you have blocked the expression of this part of yourself. If you are feeling anxiety about Spirit Guides, you may have closed your throat chakra to protect yourself from your heart’s feelings. This occurs just through the power of the mind. But a miraculous healing of that blockage can also occur. You can use hypnotherapy to clear and align your chakras. Start from the bottom and go up. For example, your first chakra deals with your security issues. Ask yourself if you feel insecure about having Spirit Guides in any way. Go through each chakra. Be grateful when you are able to find something, then just let it go.
The purpose of using these insights and the help your Spirit guides offer is to realize your own potential. To be someone who’s consciously evolving, consciously choosing to co-create their own reality. This does require reprogramming the subconscious mind. Otherwise, you find yourself in default mode, caught in a pattern called karma. When you are free of that to any extent, you find you are growing and changing, using the skills your Guides help you with to create the life you want. This is what your Guides are here to do for you. Sometimes you may just want help with discernment. Try listening to's Monday night Conuscious Community webinar called “Opening the Heart, Part II (Meditation on Inner Freedom)” from our library of past classes.