By: Matthew Brownstein

At the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy we pride ourselves in being Florida’s first state-licensed school to offer career diplomas in Hypnotherapy, Certified Hypnotherapy and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy. However, even with such high educational standards in Hypnotherapy Certification, we also enjoy helping you to take deep plunges into the more spiritual side of things.
Have you ever wondered how to connect to your Spirit Guides through Hypnosis?
Many of us long to experience more than just our physical existence and all of us at one time or another wish we had access to information beyond what we can gather from our own minds and our own five senses.  Fortunately, there are many people who have found hypnosis to be a state of mind where access to higher knowledge is not only possible, but is actually very pleasant and easily achieved.
When we learn hypnosis and learn to go into deep states of consciousness we find it very pleasant and very empowering. However during past-life regression, life-between-life regression and higher-self work we can also find inner guides that come in a variety of different forms depending on the nature of the session.  Here are a few examples that we see in our own hypnotherapy sessions:
Higher-Self:  When in hypnosis we can tap into a reality known as Superconscious Awareness.  This may or may not come to us in form, yet it can certainly be considered to be in the realm of being a “spirit guide”, though not necessarily as an individual being or beings.  It comes as a higher knowing that always guides us in the ways of love, light, peace, bliss and purpose.  It’s always there as a source of guidance and help when we need it.
Spirit Guides: These beings are usually seen as more individualized than Higher Self.  They tend to be more personal and take on forms that we can recognize and relate to.  Often we find that we’ve known them for lifetimes and that they have been with us before this life helping us to plan it out. They are there after this life to meet us, and even during this life they are there for us when in altered states of consciousness to communicate with.
Yourself:  We often want to turn to others to find our own answers, yet in Hypnotherapy the Hypnotherapist empowers the client to find his/her own answers.  Hypnotherapy also helps to raise self-esteem so that we believe in ourselves more and more.  Over time we come to discover that spirit guides may hold perspectives that we do not currently have and that their insight can be immensely valuable, and at the same time we discover that we are that much wiser and wondrous than we have let ourselves believe.
Hypnotherapy opens incredible doors to the realms of the Spirit.  For a more in depth plunge, come check out our Conscious Community Monday Night classes at