By: Dr. Patricia Acerra, DOM, LMT, CCHT

I was surprised and intrigued when my husband came home from a life coaching session and exclaimed, “She hypnotized me!  It was awesome! You would be perfect at this!”
Me?  I’m an acupuncture physician in practice for over 15 years.  My job is to clear blocks in people’s energy fields and assist their body in healing itself.  What would I use hypnotherapy for?
Regardless of my questions, I respected my husband’s opinion and began to research. I found a State licensed school in Florida offering over 500 hours of training.  The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy obviously took this very seriously.  All my misconceptions concerning hypnotherapy were eliminated.  Each new piece of the puzzle I learned had me seeing deeper and deeper into the extraordinary benefit this would be to my acupuncture practice…especially when I learned Interpersonal Hypnotherapy, which differs from traditional hypnosis.
In oriental medicine it is a given that certain emotions and all their derivatives are associated with each meridian system:  Grief is associated with the Lungs and Large Intestines; Anger is associated with the Liver and Gallbladder; Sympathy with the Stomach and Spleen.  Fear with the Kidneys and Bladder; and, Joy with the Heart and Small Intestines.  We know that quite often emotions are the cause of blockage within the meridians causing physical pain along the path of the meridian, and even harm to our internal organs.  
We can needle and rebalance the energy, and watch our patients have profound recoveries, but are they permanent?  Not always.  The false belief systems that led to their emotions being out of balance – and therefore their entire energetic field, need to be addressed, or else it will happen again.  And again.  And again.  We are taught to treat the cause and not just the symptom.  On an emotional level, Interpersonal Hypnotherapy does just that.
It is quite easy at this point to realize that nearly every emotion in us is kicked out of balance through human interaction, or more specifically, interpersonal relationships. We worry too much about our children, grieve too long for lost loves, hold anger about insults, fear confrontation, and seek joy in others. There is a delicate thread of energy that ties us all together like a giant spider web of meridians.
Why are interpersonal relationships such a source of imbalance?  Are all these negative emotions based on truths?  And if not, what false belief systems have led as astray?   Can you see, as an acupuncture physician, how that energetic spider web of meridians that connects us all can develop blockages, excesses and deficiencies that travel to our very core, upsetting the balance of energy within our personal bodily meridians?  
Imagine the healing that takes place when we reassess and reframe interpersonal relationships in a new healing light, balancing and bringing to a new level that thread of energy that we create with others and, therefore, within ourselves?  That’s exactly what Interpersonal Hypnotherapy does.  
Providing Interpersonal Hypnotherapy as an adjunct to their treatment has blessed me to witness miraculous healings in my patients.  From digestive disorders to high blood pressure; chronic, recurring imbalances caused by emotional turmoil have a chance to disappear for good.   So, my job to clear blocks in people’s energy fields has taken on a new dimension, and since adding Interpersonal Hypnotherapy to my practice – I finally feel like I’m truly helping my patients heal…on all levels.