By: Dr. Patricia Acerra, DOM, LMT, CCHT

The mental disorder called Anxiety literally affects millions of people. This condition can encompass everything from mild discomfort to barely controllable panic and quite often dovetails with depression.   It is like a shadow that veils the light and darkens all areas of our life.
As healers, we all feel urgency in helping our patients break through this shadow and enjoy the light and vibrancy of a life aligned.  Integrating hypnotherapy into my acupuncture practice

has been a force of healing so quick, lovely, and permanent that I sometimes wonder how I ever practiced without it.
Chinese medicine makes no distinction between thoughts and emotions.  Thinking is associated with the spleen.
Over-thinking (on one hand) damages the spleen and causes the Qi to bind and inhibit the Qi mechanism.  On the other hand, a damaged Qi may initially cause the over-thinking.  Most cases of anxiety have simultaneous liver depression, which will bind and inhibit the Qi mechanism even further.    Over thinking, worry and anxiety have a field day affecting the Qi of the Heart and Lungs as well.  This can lead you down a vortex of patterns as you bring your client to a complete and lasting healing.  Yet why are they over-thinking?  What initially damaged the Qi? Hypnotherapy addresses these questions quickly and poetically.
I had the pleasure of studying with both Bob Flaws and Giovanni Maciocia who pointed out that the term “Anxiety” has no Chinese medicine term that corresponds exactly to it.   However, all the disease categories and pattern discriminations concerning anxiety involve a tendency to worry and have continuous or excessive thinking along with a state of fear, and anxiety.

tually, it all leads back to the malnourishment of the Spirit, which is a main cause of mental-emotional disease in Chinese medicine. There must be a sufficient amount of Heart Qi in order for the spirit to be strongly constructed… and then this spirit must be nourished and able to flow – unbound by negative thoughts or false belief systems.    In order for the spirit to be nourished, there must be sufficient heart blood and yin.  You can see that if our liver Qi is bound by emotions, and our spleen Qi is damaged by over-thinking, our Spirit will suffer.
We can simultaneously unbind the Qi and feed the Spirit through hypnotherapy.  Getting to and releasing the emotions causing the over-thinking, fear or anger in the first place allows our patient to experience a freedom and strength of spirit that catapults his healing into fresh new arenas.  I have found that not only are patients experiencing a quicker and more profound healing, they are understanding the why (so important with Western patients) and resolving and reframing their emotions and false belief systems on their own…giving them a new awareness of a body/mind/spirit connection.  The Spirit is no longer malnourished.  In fact, with hypnotherapy, the Spirit grows strong and clear, giving their healing an empowered permanence that dispels the shadows and holds space for the light.

Patricia is a licensed acupuncturist with a thriving practice in Naples, Florida since 1999. She is also nationally certified in acupuncture with the NCCAOM.  As a graduate of the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy and a member of the Anahat Education Group, she enjoys acting as the Director of the Naples externship location of FIOH.   Over the years Patricia has taken several certification courses in acupuncture and mental/emotional disorders, but still felt there was an arena for greater healing.  She has successfully incorporated hypnotherapy into her practice and feels it to be a powerful adjunct to her acupuncture,  helping to facilitate complete and lasting transformation. Learn More Here.