By: Matthew Brownstein CCHt


We all know what it is like to feel anxiety from time to time.  Some people search for ways to overcome anxiety because the symptoms become so intense that some sort of relief is desired.  However, if you are having this human experience then you know what fear feels like and like anyone else you want to live free of fear and in ever-increasing states of happiness, joy, peace and freedom.
Hypnosis itself reduces anxiety just by entering into the hypnotic state; however the anxiety easily comes back again the moment we come out of this state or when something triggers our underlying fears.
Hypnotherapy helps us to deal with our underlying fears by finding and transforming the root cause.  When enough of this work is done then the general feeling of anxiety tends to drop away relatively easily.
Interpersonal Hypnotherapy reduces anxiety because it utilizes both hypnosis and hypnotherapy, yet it also puts tremendous emphasis on the relationships that exist within subconscious memories. This is not necessarily something that hypnotherapy itself forgets about, however the Interpersonal Hypnotherapy model never lets us stray away from it.
The reason for this emphasis on relationships is easy to see if we think of anxiety.  Everyone knows that when we are in deep sleep that we feel no anxiety.  We also know that in deep hypnosis that we feel no anxiety, yet when we are in front of a large group of people, or meeting someone for the first time, or about to show someone something about ourselves where we feel that we will be judged than anxious feelings easily come in.  In these cases it is not hard to imagine that resolving past relationships and how we feel about ourselves in them would clear up the present day feelings with others.
Of course there are other types of fears and anxieties.  A person might use these terms in relationship to bridges, tall buildings or cars and then it could be asked what place does a past interpersonal relationship have with such present day fears.  The answer is rather simple:  These present day fears do not originate from the present.  They are the result of something that occurred in the past, where a now present inner child needs to be comforted.  Usually the underlying cause has nothing to do directly with the present day issue, yet in this simple writing we can understand the importance of having some loving parent there to comfort and reeducate the inner child.  
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