By: Matthew Brownstein CCHt

The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy was the first Hypnotherapy School to be licensed by the Florida Department of Education as a true postsecondary vocational institute to offer career diplomas in Hypnotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy. This puts us in a unique position to explain hypnotherapy education to those who are seeking answers about an occupation that is far from standardized and where educational objectives can be quite low.  In this article we will cover just a few of the points one might want to consider when attempting to learn hypnosis as a profession.  Our Monday Night Conscious Community Class (live or recorded) will spend 2 hours on the topic.
Back in the 1970’s the United States Department of Labor acknowledged the occupational title “Hypnotherapist” as a legitimate occupation.  This occurred through the pioneering work of leaders in the field who were looking to increase the legitimacy of this profession.  By making Hypnotherapy a recognized occupation, it placed licensing hypnotherapy schools under each respective State’s Department of Education.  This is the first place to look when comparing hypnotherapy education in America.  Is a school licensed or not?
Number of Hours of Training
Most reasonable trainings in hypnotherapy are in the range of about 200 hours.  This basic standard has existed for a long time, yet many trainings fall way short of this mark.  These tend to be weekend workshops that are not aimed at creating competent career professionals.  They could be very good, yet those who attend the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy usually do so because they want to excel in their careers.  This is why at FIH we maintain some of the highest standards in the world by offering over 500 hours of state-licensed training.
Styles of Delivery
Distance learning is a relatively new concept, yet colleges and universities around the world have seen the benefit of delivering an education while keeping up with modern technology.  At the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy we work with a hybrid model that has tremendous benefit when learning hypnosis:

  1. Online Interactive Tutorials – These allow you to learn at your own pace.  You can always go back and review these classes (something you cannot do with a live class) and they are done in the comfort of your own home or from virtually any location with internet connection.
  2. Live Online Classes – These allow you to learn hypnosis with highly qualified instructors where you ask your questions live and have important core competencies reviewed before you practice them in-house.
  3. Hands-On Learning – It is crucial that you learn hypnosis with others and practice on others. Therefore it is our belief that hypnosis distance learning only supports in-house practical hours where you give and receive hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

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