By: Matthew Brownstein CCHt

The holidays are often a time when we tend to let loose and enjoy in overindulgence  because we believe that New Year’s Resolutions will make up for our end of the year fun.  However, for many people this is a chronic problem where overeating and not exercising are common and where stressful lives make the holidays even more stressful and even harmful for our well-being.
Hypnosis has been used for centuries to reduce stress, yet during the holidays we have that extra special challenge of remaining at peace and staying within alignment with our highest values of how we want to care for ourselves.  Once we understand that our subconscious mind governs our behaviors and habits and that it is also the seat of our emotions, then we can see how reducing stress and avoiding holiday binging go hand-in-hand.
To avoid a behavior it is best to be “programmed” to avoid it beforehand.  It is very hard once we find ourselves overeating to just stop.  The real trick is to use hypnosis before the holidays to program your subconscious mind to eat the right types of food, in the right amounts and at the right times.  Once we set these intentions and program those in then technically the change should be easy.
The problem lies in the word “stress.”  When we get emotional the emotions tend to override our intellect and we act in ways that are not always best for us.  Stress is just a general word for feeling hurt, sad, scared, anxious, overwhelmed, angry, frustrated, irritated and/or just plain enraged.  We tend to minimize our emotions with the word stress and we also try to minimize them with overeating, yet in the end transforming our emotional pain before the holidays occur is a surefire way to help us to stay on track.
Hypnosis can therefore be used before the holidays to program in our highest intentions of living a healthy lifestyle and hypnotherapy can be used to heal the underlying emotions that cause us to lose our way.  
If anything, hypnosis is great for helping us to keep our New Year’s Resolutions, so if you find that you did not live up to your highest intentions, then you can simply visit our YouTube Channel for a hypnotic programming session for a healthy, happy, and prosperous new year.
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