By: Matthew Brownstein CCHt

In 1994 I graduated the University of Florida with a degree in comparative religion and had no idea what I wanted to do with it.  I knew I wanted to help people and to continue on my own path of spiritual growth, yet it was not until 1997 that I found Hypnotherapy and finally found my calling.
It was not hard to see how spirituality, religion and hypnotherapy all went hand-in-hand.  I knew the path, for me, had to be rooted in love and in spirit.  I knew the world’s religions in their essence taught this, yet I also knew that many people were disheartened by their own religions as they did not offer the changes that they were seeking in their lives.  This is true of many of our spiritual paths as well.
I have lived in spiritual communities, ashrams and monasteries and have watched many people suffer while trying to use the limited range of teachings available to them to help heal their own pains.  This is where Hypnotherapy truly comes to shine.  I even lived in India and while in a supposed retreat in the Himalayas I found myself doing Hypnotherapy on great Yogis who simply could not solve their problems in deep meditation.
Spirituality becomes a component of Hypnotherapy when we realize the importance of Spirit in our lives and Hypnotherapy becomes a part of Spirituality when we realize that the blocks to the presence of love must be cleared.  Any student of A Course in Miracles will easily tell you that it is not love that must be taught, but that removing the blocks to love is the real path to freedom.  Many spiritual paths and religions work to transcend our problems, yet Hypnotherapy is a very powerful way to simply transform them so that we can easily move beyond them.
Comparing the world’s religious traditions within the field of Hypnotherapy is very powerful as well because we can pull from each and every one of them certain virtues and values that raise our Hypnotherapy practice up to a higher level of functioning.  For instance, virtually all of the world’s religions have the concept of peace at the very heart of their teachings and most all of us would agree that this is a wonderful virtue and wonderful state of being.  However, with the thousands of years of religious history we still have a lot of people who are not at peace.  Hypnotherapy can allow religions to shine and religions can allow Hypnotherapy to shine.
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