By: Alina Frank

One of the questions I am often asked when presenting EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping is, is it hypnosis. My answer is that it isn't hypnosis, but that it does enhance hypnotherapy exquisitely.

A better description of EFT is that it's like acupuncture without needles since the same energy system, the meridian system, is activated.

In EFT Tapping, we use a dozen or so points that would be used by traditional Chinese medicine, but are so close to the surface of the skin that instead of using needles, one can activate the points by merely tapping with ones fingertips. EFT has consistently shown remarkable clinical results in treatment of depression, anxiety, phobias, and cravings. It’s been estimated that over 4 million people use EFT in settings as varied as hospitals in Mexico, school rooms in Ecuador and with the Israeli military as a tool for combating PTSD.
For the last ten years I have had the pleasure of training hundreds of hypnotherapists, and life coaches who use the techniques to increase the efficacy of the strategies they already use with their clients.
Here’s what they say about how EFT complements Hypnotherapy;
“We are all in a trance, and EFT tunes us into the specific issues that we have, while sometimes in a deeper trance than hypnotherapy “               -Penny C., EFT and hypnotherapist in the United Kingdom
“ The tapping process is asking the client to focus on their body while focusing on tapping points. I think closing the eyes helps them go deeper, having the client imagine images, scenes, etc.  Tapping affirmations are also done in hypnosis.
“Visualizing is also a method of inducting someone into hypnosis. The advantage of using both is adding the energy benefits of tapping into the other benefits of hypnosis.” Jean H., hypnotherapist and EFT Coach USA

Both EFT and hypnosis facilitate changes in brainwave patterns (from everyday beta, to relaxed alpha and deeper theta and delta). EFT more pro-active on behalf of client can help them feel more in control.  It can also be easier for clients who are hyperactive/fidgety, as they don't have to be still for any length of time.  EFT does not require eye closure which may feel safer for some clients.” -Masha hypnotherapist and EFT Coach Canada  
Earlier this year I got this email from a graduate of our EFT training in Seattle, “Finally I have something to prevent the hovering at 30,000 ft. syndrome, this is what happens when you go round and round and round an issue without ever landing on what the root causes are. I use EFT in my hypnotherapy practice every day and love the fact that it’s easy enough to teach it to my clients for doing their own work at home.”
Dr. Craig Weiner, DC and I look forward to training at the FL Institute of Hypnotherapy in Tampa in February 2015.  Visit EFT Certification to register for our Level 1 and Level 2 Certification. Space is limited, so if you are really interested in learning EFT and gaining the Level 1 and Level 2 Certification sign up today. 
Alina Frank is an EFT trainer of trainers through the Alternative Healthcare Professionals. Alina and her partner Dr. Craig Weiner teach internationally and are based in the Seattle metro area.