By: Patricia Acerra


A quote by one of my favorites prophets, Kahlil Gibran states:  “When you are joyous, look deep into your heart and you shall find it is only that which has given you sorrow that is giving you joy.”   As acupuncturists, we know that sorrow, depression and grief, can constrict the meridians, bringing patients to us in droves during what should be a happy holiday season.   Oftentimes they do not realize that it is their very joy that is touching those chords of past sorrow deep within their hearts; bringing up memories of those that have passed on or passed through their lives.  They might even march through the holidays suppressing these memories or these feelings of sadness, which causes even more disharmony within the body.


The psychological aspect of our patients is a very important aspect of TCM.  What we feel has a huge impact on our physical bodies, making emotional wellness a vital aspect of our health.


We all know protocols to move the Qi, get the stagnation resolved, and have our patients leave the office in an uplifted, cheerful spirit more suited for the festivities surrounding the season.  However, are we really healing them?  If they don’t address the core issue – which is WHY the disharmony began, what happens when the next memory of a lost one surfaces?  What happens around the next holiday, birthday, anniversary?  Wouldn’t it be better to give them a sacred space to bring up the memories, face them, reframe them, and heal the energies surrounding the sadness of loss? 


This is the main reason I decided to further my acupuncture career by being a certified clinical and transpersonal hypnotherapist.  I wanted to heal my clients on the deepest levels.  I wanted to empower them from every aspect to keep themselves in a state of smooth flowing Qi.  While acupuncture enables me to unblock the Qi and get that free flow again, hypnotherapy empowers my patients to keep it that way.  By giving them a safe place to look deep within and heal the scars on their heart, miraculous healing energy flows through each meridian.   The holiday season might then touch chords on a higher vibrational frequency - one with more harmony than sorrow, depression or grief.