While many of us would rather avoid emotions, what we find in true personal growth is that emotions must be embraced.  In resolving the deep seated pain in the subconscious mind we must first be allowed to feel what is there.  It is also helpful to know that underneath that pain is a deep peace that resides within all of us.  Knowing that there is always a light on the other side of emotional darkness is very helpful.


Hypnotherapy has an amazing ability to allow us to embrace our emotions and to see them in their proper place.  Emotions are not considered bad or wrong in this model.  They are communications about what is going on inside of us, yet when they are painful we clearly wish to find relief from them.  Most people choose to suppress these feelings and to avoid them, yet this always leaves something unresolved. Through opening the heart and learning to listen to what is there we begin to make progress towards true peace.


Every painful emotion is a chance for peace because it is a reminder of what we truly want to feel within ourselves.  Emotion is something that can be embraced and allowed – it can become that which shows us where we are not aligned with who we truly are. 


What we find in deep inner work is that there is a part of us that is always at peace.  This part can be called Higher Self, Source Energy, Soul or Spirit, yet regardless of its name it is always there to be experienced and it is indeed always in perfect peace.  It is in our own hearts and minds that we find very powerful emotions that are not always aligned with who we truly are as Spirit yet through powerful inner transformative processes such as hypnotherapy we can open our hearts, transform unresolved pain and find the peace that is always waiting there for us.


Through altered state work, such as meditation and hypnosis, we can find this peace without having to deal with our emotions at all.  Sometimes it is our emotions that motivate us to search for peace within and this is beautiful, yet we can also be reminded that a daily meditation practice allows us to align with this energy of peace before we even feel we need it.  It’s best to have that resource available whenever we need it rather than wait until we are immersed in pain.  Regardless of how or when we are motivated to seek peace the nice thing to know is that peace is always there.  Emotion is simply a powerful reminder that there is always something more than pain.  Peace exists.