By: Cheryl Mitchell



So many people are afraid of their emotions, both the ones we call good and especially the ones we call bad.  Yet, the truth is that emotions are  not bad or good, those are judgements we put upon our emotions.  Many people don't trust their emotions.  They are unwilling to feel them and choose instead to shut them down or pretend not to  feel them at all. For the most part, I think emotion has gotten a bad rap.


To me, emotion is the horse that the lesson rides in on. Emotion is the output of our completely natural notification system. When you do something, or think something, if the emotional response is pleasant then it is a reminder that what you are doing or thinking is “good,” or wanted, and if the emotion is uncomfortable then it is reminding you that what doing or thinking is “bad,” or unwanted. That includes all thoughts, including the ones that you may not even be aware of; the ones that play automatically in your mind like a music file set on auto repeat.  

Even though you are not consciously aware of the automatic response, your subconscious mind is, and it reacts to the repeated message with the learned response that has been programmed into you since, most likely, your young childhood. We all have conditioned responses.  Becoming aware of them is the first step in changing them.  Have you ever found yourself suddenly feeling irritable without any apparent reason for you to feel that way?  You most likely heard or saw something, that you may not have consciously took note of, yet it triggered a memory, and that started the automatic response.

Hypnotherapy helps you become aware of those “autoplay” responses in a given situation and then transform them.  Bringing those conditioned responses to consciousness is the first step, then through the various modalities a well qualified hypnotherapist uses, you are guided to transform the negative or unwanted response, once transformed a new response becomes the norm.  

It sounds simple, and it is really, with a well trained practitioner and your willingness to change, hypnotherapy can bring you into alignment with your emotions and help you to experience much more peace of mind and harmony in your life on a daily basis.