By: Matthew Brownstein

We all know what it means to start the New Year with positive intentions and to find that we do not follow through on those intentions.  We set goals and do not reach our goals.  We feel temporary excitement and then find that this has faded within a couple of weeks.  What we’ve all discovered is that the power of conscious decision making is not enough.  We need the power of our subconscious mind backing all that we intend if we want to experience true change.

The subconscious mind is the dynamo that directs our energy.  It governs habit control, is the seat of our emotions and it motivates our behaviors.  The secret to keeping New Year’s resolutions is to program this mind beforehand so that when the New Year rolls around that we are already aligned with who we want to be for that year.

Think of the difference:  Imagine starting a new exercise program in the New Year with the same subconscious programming that was there the year before.  The same mass of the iceberg is still moving with its huge momentum, yet we want to change where the tip of the iceberg goes just because it is a New Year.  This type of motivation is not enough.

On the other hand:  When we program our subconscious minds before the New Year and keep that momentum going as the year progresses then we are that much more certain to succeed.  If the mass of the iceberg gained a new trajectory before the New Year then success would indeed come easy.   Just imagine if all of the power of the subconscious mind were ready to launch you into the New Year because it was already moving in that direction.

For hypnotherapists this concept is easy to grasp. In our profession we know of the power of the subconscious and we also know that most people come in for hypnotherapy in January and February.  During the holidays most people have their priorities on other things.  Personally I have enjoyed this slower time of year in our business to program my subconscious mind for an ever more prosperous and successful New Year.  This way when the New Year rolls around I am primed and ready for the success that is already coming my way and for preset inner resolves that are easy to maintain.