By: Cheryl Mitchell

How many times have you made a heart-felt resolution on January 1st only to find that by the 3rd or 4th, you are right back at the old behavior?  And then found yourself disappointed and frustrated and beat yourself up over your lack of will power?  It’s not because of a “weak will” or that you were insincere in your desire to change, but rather that you didn’t change the reason for having the undesired behavior in the first place, so the habit easily came back.    

Any habit is formed because in some way it serves a purpose. Even though the habit may be an unhealthy or undesirable, at the time it was created it was serving you in some way and still is, even though you are unaware of it’s purpose.  Take for example a client who came to me for help to be motivated to return to her exercise regimen after a prolonged, life-threatening illness.  She got dressed in her gym clothes everyday fully intending to go and enjoy a vigorous workout, yet she never managed to actually make it to the gym. Before getting sick, she had always been a regular, almost fanatic, exercise enthusiast. and that was now one of the reasons she was so frustrated in her lack of motivation.  As it turned out, she unconscious believed that her exercising was the cause of her near fatal illness and if she started exercising again it would kill her.  So while she consciously considered her lack of motivation to exercise to be a bad thing, it was actually serving her in an impressive way; keeping her alive!     

You are programmed to behave in a certain way, so your will power, no matter how powerful, many times is just not enough to change, especially if your unconscious motivation is somehow attached to your physical survival.   Hypnotherapy helps you to change your behavior by first helping you to uncover your unconscious motivations for having the undesired behavior and then once they are brought to conscious awareness, they can be transformed.