By: Matthew Brownstein 

There is a phenomena that is sweeping the globe through the teachings that flow through a woman named Esther Hicks.  Esther moves into an altered state where a consciousness known as Abraham flows through her.  The knowledge, wisdom and humor that come through are truly worth acknowledging even if the phenomena itself is hard to understand. In the field of Hypnotherapy this knowledge is priceless.

What is happening here could be said to fall into the category of channeling where a person’s conscious mind gets out of the way and where another being is able to communicate through the channel’s body.  It might be debatable about what is happening with Esther Hicks, yet what matters most is the message itself and as the message itself would allude to it is how you feel about the message that matters.

When you listen to this material you instantly find a benevolent and empowering teaching that is uplifting the lives of millions of people all around the world.  Tens of thousands of people each day log into Youtube to listen to countless clips of what is being taught here about The Law of Attraction, deliberate conscious co-creation and personal empowerment.  Many Hypnotherapists have found that these teachings align perfectly with what we do in that our work is all about aligning a person with their highest intentions so that they can manifest what they want into their lives.  Combining the message of Abraham with the modalities of Hypnotherapy leads to some very powerful change.

The model is centered around us a Vibrational Beings and that how we feel (what our vibration is) is a powerful point of attraction for that which we will pull into our lives.  The teachings make it simple in that when we are not happy about something we instantly start sending out “rockets of desire” towards what we do want.  Then “Source Energy” instantly begins manifesting what we want in what is called a “Vibrational Escrow” in that the unmanifest idea of this desire already has come into existence.  It is simply then our job to allow that which we are wanting to manifest into our lives easily and effortlessly by eliminating the resistance to what we are wanting and by coming into Vibrational Alignment with it.

Simply stated, we know what we want and now we need to allow that into our lives by being a Vibrational Match to it.  In Hypnotherapy we would simply help a person to see, feel and hear what having what they want feels like and trust the subconscious mind to manifest the desired outcome.  Hypnotherapy is also a profound way to clear the inner resistance that so many of us carry. 

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