By: Matthew Brownstein

Angels can simply be considered messengers of God, which is to say that they are beings that communicate for the Voice for God and speak of the truths of Higher Consciousness.  In Hypnotherapy, this becomes exceptionally valuable because oftentimes a client comes in to us and they have run out of resources.  They have tried everything possible to resolve their issue, yet Hypnotherapy is usually chosen as a last resort because all manner of attempts in the physical world to change the problem have failed, so the client is now turning to the mental realm to find answers and/or solutions.

Of course not everyone is coming in searching for their angels or even believes in angels, yet a Hypnotherapist who understands that there is a reality called Superconscious mind understands that higher resources are always available.  In this sense, any “being” that is brought in during a session that speaks higher wisdom becomes an angel for the client and for the hypnotherapist as well.

However, when a client is open to the idea of angels, then during deep altered state work, past-life regressions or life-between-life regressions, we find a wealth of knowledge and beauty waiting there for us.  Once again, if we just see angels as messengers for Light and Love (God), then we can welcome them into our sessions and find that what comes through is higher than what the client or the hypnotherapist may have been able to conceive of on their own.

From my experience, when we open to these realities, we tap into more love, joy, sweetness, purity, kindness and bliss than may be tap into otherwise.  Ideas are real within the realm of mind. The ideas of love and light have corresponding inner experiences and angels can be said to simply be the embodiment of these ideas.  For those with a theistic model of reality, it would be easy to say that angels speak for the ideas in the mind of God and that they are ideas in the mind of God themselves.

It does not matter what we believe or what the client believes.  What matters is that there are realities that exist outside of our belief systems and that words are very poor ways of communicating about those realities.  The word “angel” may just be an idea, yet ideas can be said to be more real than their physical counterparts, and that if someone can communicate through love, light and peace then they are indeed expressing the ideas that are most certainly realities for those who have experienced them.  Angels and Hypnotherapy easily go hand-in-hand as we understand not only the power of the mind, but also the power of realities that go beyond what our minds generally conceive of or understand.

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