By: Cheryl Mitchell

Many people have a difficult time understanding how they have always had a passion for a certain interest or hobby.  They never recall anyone in their family being interested in the same thing, yet perhaps from a very early age they not only expressed a passion for it, but had an inherit knowledge about it or an advanced ability in the interest.


Perhaps you possess a particular talent, like singing, dancing, painting, or some other creative expression that seems to be uniquely yours in your entire family.  No one else has the same talent, yet you are a natural at it.  It has always come easy for you, even when you were very young or before even being taught anything about it.  Many people find it unsettling when, for as far as they know, their passion or talent is unexplainable.


Past Life Regression is a great way to gain perspective on such things, as well as to help to transform deep personal issues that may be impacting your life in an unproductive way.  Patterns and themes from the past life are uncovered and many times, the idea of karma needing to be worked out is also uncovered.  Many people believe karma to be a sort of Universal balancing mechanism, and so at times the life experienced in the regression will show some karmic elements at play.  For those who believe that the past life is an factual previous life experience, the clearing or balancing of karma is another important aspect of past life regression as connections are made to current life issues, and profound “aha” moments occur. 


The truth is, though, that you don’t even need to believe that the past life is an actual memory that has been accessed through the hypnotic state for the experience to still be life changing.  The information accessed from the subconscious mind is still useful in much the same way as our dreams are helpful, once we understand them.  Your subconscious mind communicates with you through your dreams by using pictures and images to weave a story, and the past life experience is considered by many people to be a similar imagined, or made up event.  Both are valid.


Perhaps as many believe, at least in part, there is some truth to the phenomenon of past life regression and we are in some way accessing the Akashic Record, or getting in touch with Superconscious mind, or Higher-Self intelligence, and that force greater than ourselves is imparting the information. .


Regardless of the so called facts, when you experience a past life regression and become aware of the theme of that life and are then able to make connections to how that life mirrors your present life, it creates huge shifts in your awareness.  And then things change.  Maybe you can more easily make decisions, or an unwanted behavior disappears, a once troubling relationship begins to be more manageable.  There are a myriad of ways the experience may improve your life because after the past life experience, you have a greater understanding about yourself.


And you get to decide for yourself if it is real or imagined.  It’s your life.