By: Matthew Brownstein


Metaphysical teachings acknowledge that there is one Source from which all manifested forms – whether gross or subtle – arise.  This Source has been called by many names, yet many of us on the path all understand it to be the same One Reality and that we are all part of that same One Reality.  Therefore, just as this one Source extends itself, so do we.

We extend ourselves into being through our intentions and then our intentions manifest into our thoughts, our emotions, our bodies and into our lives.  We do this individually and we do this collectively.  On an individual level we can set intentions in many aspects of our lives and find more success coming through.  Collectively we can understand the power of many minds that join together to create something beautiful in this world.

With the hypnotic state we can tap into this very Source of our being rather easily.  There are many paths there, yet hypnosis is so simple because with the right facilitator you can easily be guided into this space.  However, to tap into the essence of your own being without first having clarity of intent will leave you with a wonderful feeling of peace and bliss, yet without the ability to consciously create through intentions that have already been established.

For instance, let’s say you wanted to bring more loving and harmonious relationships into your life.  You could go into deep hypnosis and just enjoy that state of being, yet in that state you can use powerful processes to intentionally manifest the harmonious people that make your life and their lives better.  In other words, you joyfully increase the probability of that which you desire when you know what you truly intend.  Intention therefore is the very essence of all manifestation because from this we can then tap into the infinite field of possibilities and deliberately create the life we want to live.

We cannot create who we truly are in our essence as this already exists.  We already are love, light, peace, joy and bliss.  However, when we tap into that state of being, then we begin to vibrate at ever higher rates of being.  Just to move into that state we had to have the intention to do so.  This is a very general way of being, yet with specific clear intentions that come from that general space, we can use the power of positive intention to manifest a truly beautiful life for ourselves and those around us.