By: Matthew Brownstein


Emotion is part of the human experience just as is a beating heart and breathing lungs.  We think, we move, we eat and we experience the world around us.  There are things that are so much a part of our experience in this world that we seldom even take the time to marvel at the fact that they are happening at all.  To even have a circulatory system to be aware of is truly amazing.  To know that you have trillions upon trillions of cells making up the miracle of your body is just another one of trillions and trillions of wonders.


However when it comes to the realm of human emotion many of us are lost.  We seem to wish that this realm did not exist and we find many ways to avoid the feelings in our hearts because this is indeed a place of both pleasure and of pain – even though it is also one of the wonders of creation. To live is to feel and to feel is to be human, yet because the experience can hurt so much we tend to want to close down and wall ourselves off to true raw feeling.  In our Hypnotherapy School, as well as in many other traditions, this is simply referred to as closing the heart.


Yet when we close our hearts to pain we also close it to pleasure. When we close to sadness we close to joy.  When we close to grief we close to love, and when we close to anger we close to passion and wonder.  The problem however is that you cannot close only to one emotion.  To close the heart is to close to all feelings.  The heart is like a valve, it opens and closes, yet to close it to any degree means that it is now closed – perhaps not totally, yet it also cannot be said to be fully open.


This is similar to putting on tinted sunglasses.  We could argue that the tinting is light or dark, yet either way our view of the world is now distorted by the veils we have put between ourselves and reality.  To do this to our own hearts limits us to enormous amounts of love.  In A Course in Miracles there are no small upsets as they are all equally disturbing to our peace of mind.  The same could be said of love and it could be easily said that it’s all or none.  Therefore unlearning to close the heart and making it a new habit to always keep it open can require some new very clear intentions and also some powerful facilitation when necessary. In the field of Hypnotherapy we find this glorious opportunity to open to the love within ourselves and to help others to open to the love that is meant to flow within them.