Institute of Hypnotherapy Peace and Prosperity Blog

By: Matthew Brownstein


Everyone wants peace.  We want peace in our world and we want peace in our lives.  Most importantly we want peace in our own hearts, yet when we look inside we realize that we are not at peace and then we go seeking outside of ourselves for that.  In this we begin to acquire more things and to acquire more things usually requires that we acquire more money.


We can see the problem with this in that our quest for more money and to have more things, is rooted in a heart that is not at peace, therefore money and peace seem to be at odds with themselves because money is now associated directly with that unfulfilled and often troubled heart.  The biblical quote “The love of money is the root of all evil” acknowledges that the love was not found within but rather it was sought from without.  If we never take the time to turn within to find peace we therefore we go without.


“Without” is a lack consciousness statement.  It also implies that we are going outside of ourselves to find what we are looking for.  However, the deeper wisdom traditions teach us that love and peace are first and foremost meant to be found within.  Therefore, imagine that the heart that is truly filled with peace.  Imagine what it would be like to find all that you would be looking for from within yourself.  If peace becomes our way of being, then external things simply become less and less important.


To reconcile peace and prosperity it is important to understand that the two terms are actually synonymous. True peace is fulfillment from within, while prosperity is having every life category of your life fulfilled.  Prosperity, according to this model, includes true peace and it also includes the life that we would want to live.  It does not have to involve great financial wealth, yet it can.  It is for each individual to find peace within themselves and then to find what it truly harmonious and right for them.


When we are at peace and know who we truly are, and when we are honest with ourselves, then we naturally find that we want prosperity in our lives.  This is natural and true, and it is even true when it comes to money.  If we are honest with ourselves we know that money is an enjoyable part of our lives.  When we live from peace and welcome prosperity then we can allow the money to flow with peace in our hearts and know the true joy of a peaceful and prosperous life.