By: Matthew Brownstein


Many of us are quite aware of the conflict that has existed ever since modern science came on the scene and began a conflict with the religions that held the supposed beacon of truth for years.  These towers of what was true and real appeared to begin to crumble in the face of critical thinking, skeptical minds and the scientific method itself.  Old outdated beliefs began to be replaced with scientific facts that could easily be proven through duplicable experiments.  Therefore, if it could be proven then it was real, yet if it could not be proven then it was often considered not only unreal, but relegated to the category of superstition or fantasy.


However, as modern science has evolved two major things have happened:  One is that the ability to perform a more vast array of experiments has led to a greater understand of our world and two is that many of our hearts and minds have become dissatisfied with the limited answers that science can bring. With this we see a resurgence of not necessarily religion, but of a more meaningful spirituality where the individual can experience a reality for him or herself.  Just as in science we need to see it to believe it, then so to in spirituality we need to experience it to know that it is real.  In this sense religion might offer faith without proof, yet in spirituality the proof is found within and while subjective it can be extremely life-transforming.


Even with solid scientific evidence many us of still want a deeper experience of life that touches upon the sacred.  If our therapies that are supposedly rooted in science and experiment do not offer us real peace and real connection, then they leave us wanting more.  The scientific method has been invaluable for humanity, yet so have been the personal experiences of individuals around the world over many centuries where peace, love, joy and bliss have be found from within.  In the human experience we simply cannot deny the importance of our own personal happiness and well-being.


Science therefore certainly has its place in our world and so does peace and love, and when it comes to finding a beautiful synthesis of both we find it in Hypnotherapy.  Hypnotherapy allows for the scientific method to be applied to its methods and there are impressive results of its efficacy in treating a vast range of conditions.  Hypnotherapy also has been proven time and time again by individual practitioners and clients to open hearts, clear painful emotions and heal the body.  These countless experiences are not necessarily well-documented, they are not reported in public and they may not even be shared by the client with his or her family and friends.  There are therefore countless miracles that go undocumented and never tested under the scrutiny of the scientific method.  For those of us who are practicing in the field of Hypnotherapy this proof becomes completely unnecessary when we leave our offices in a state of awe at what we had just witnessed.  Join us this Monday Night at 7pm online for our Conscious Community Class discussions where we look science, spirituality and hypnotherapy.