By: Matthew Brownstein


Many of us were awed when the movie “The Secret” came out and we learned of The Law of Attraction.  Many others had read the book or had even been aware of these teachings for years before this became mainstream.  Before and after “The Secret” was released to the general populace, many people have found that the Law of Attraction appeared to not work for them.  They have practiced positive affirmations, have tried visualizations, and made the most elaborate dream-boards, yet in the end, they find that their lives were still not what they wanted them to be.


Two things usually happen when a person hears a teaching, tries it and then finds that it does not work. They either blame the teaching, saying that it is false, or they blame themselves for their lack of ability to apply the teaching.  The real problem here does not reside in the teaching or in one’s ability; the real problem lies with a lack of understanding of the principle that is working to be engaged.  For instance, if a person wants to drive a working car, then he cannot blame the car if he cannot use it and he really need not blame himself if he does not know how to drive it.  The desire to want to drive is simply not enough to operate such a complex machine.  The problem therefore resides in a lack of understanding of the principles behind The Law of Attraction and the means necessary to consciously use it for our greatest good. 


On the notion of the principle of the Law of Attraction, we learn that our personal vibration rate is affecting the world around us and that we are attracting to ourselves the things we think about, feel and imagine in our minds.  In this model we become co-creators of our own realities.  On the notion of understanding how to apply the principle, it is helpful to have a set of techniques that allows this universal law to truly work for us for our greatest good.

The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy teaches many methods that help us to do this consciously and voluntarily – and most importantly, effectively.  These include, but are not limited to: Hypnotic Programming, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Subliminal Programming, Parts Therapy, The Life Mastery Course, The Creating and Manifesting Course, The Manifesting Prosperity Course and countless other modalities to clear the deep seated emotional blocks that lower our vibration rate and keep us in places where we do not want to be. 

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