By: Cheryl Mitchell


This is the way I begin hypnotic programming sessions.  Once my client and I have worked together to come up with the topic they wish to improve and the specifics of how they want to see those changes, we then set the intention based on that information and begin the recorded session with a very specific statement of intent.

But why do we set an intention?  To answer that, let’s first define what the word intention means.  One definition is “an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.”  So now we can begin to see the importance of intention. This is an important component to a programming session because it puts the subconscious on alert, get its’ attention, so to speak. The intention is the thing that gets it all started.  It’s the beginning of making a change.  It can be said that you don’t do anything without first having an intention.  What gets us in trouble is when we are not aware of our intentions, but that’s another discussion!


For now, let’s focus on the idea of setting an intention for something you are aware of that you want to change.  Perhaps you intend to be more motivated to exercise regularly.  First you think about it and how your life could be different if you were more motivated.  You start to think that you’d feel better if you exercised more, maybe you’d lose a few pounds, and you’d probably have a lot more energy.  Then you begin to envision how your life will be better if you get motivated and exercise more.  You decide that exercising more is good for you and you are ready to get started.  Next you set about “determining mentally upon some action,” and you decide that starting tomorrow morning, you will take a twenty minute walk before leaving for work every day.  You now have an intention to walk every morning.

Ok, so let’s back up a little bit.  If you have difficulty finding your motivation to exercise, regardless of how much you think about walking every morning, then hypnotherapy can help you.  And a hypnotic programming session can be a great place to start.  There are other types of  hypnotherapy that can help you, each session with its’ own clear intention, yet programming is a good start and can led to the other sessions.  With programming you listen to the session recording daily, each time hearing the beginning of it restate your intention, and it taps into the power of your inner mind.  

Your intention is paramount in the process, and then reaffirming your intention daily as you listen to the recording builds momentum.  The repetition influences the subconscious and then things start to shift and your intention becomes your reality.