Love and Hypnotherapy

Written by Cheryl Mitchell

It seems obvious that everyone would want to be open to receiving more love, doesn’t it? Yet, love isn’t always the obvious choice to some people. Everyone has an idea of what love is and how it is represented, and my concept of love may not be anything like your concept of love.


But how can that be? Love is love, right? Well, yes Love is Love, but then no, because people have their own models of the world. Defining love is like defining happiness. It comes in all shapes and sizes. The best you can hope for is to allow yourself to know what love is for you. True love. But again, that is elusive to many. A good starting point may be to discover how does love feel to you? You may have an open and expansive feeling when you feel love and want that feeling to grow and grow, ever increasing until you are completely blissed out. You may not have any blocks to love, but for someone else, as hard as it may be to understand, they may not have a similar representation of love. Love, to some people means hurt and pain and is something to avoid at all costs. They have put up all kinds of barriers and blocks to love.


I had a very interesting revelation a few months ago. I don’t recall what I was thinking about exactly, must have been my childhood, which included a fair share of physical parenting, and the thought occurred to me that some of the worst memories I have begin with being told “I love you.” I had never really made the connection before, but it suddenly helped me to understand for at least some people, why they would be so afraid of love. I have known people that are so afraid of love that they avoid allowing themselves to get close to anyone. In this context it is understandable. If someone that says they love you causes you physical pain, or even emotional pain, then you would want to avoid that pain.


But you see, the real issue is not love, it’s the misrepresentation of love. It’s the hurtful and sometimes warped things that people do in the name of love. I’ve seen some pretty hurtful behavior explained away with “I did it because I love you.” And that is where hypnotherapy can help bring understanding and forgiveness where needed to help you open your heart to allow love in, genuine, supporting, non-judging, pure and wholesome, love. Once you know what love really is, then no one can ever take that from you.


I’m sharing from my personal experience. My mom was pretty tough at times, and even with the physical parenting, I knew she loved me and I loved her. Yet until I cleared my fears, pain, and blocks to love, I didn’t really feel that love like I do now. I knew I loved my mom, but now I KNOW I love my mom. Genuinely love her. To me that is a huge difference. It was through hypnotherapy that I received that blessing.


When you know genuine love for yourself it will transform your life and the way you look at everything.