Peace and Propserity with Hypnotherapy

Submitted by Cheryl Mitchell


As hypnotherapists, we like to say that hypnotherapy can affect anything that the mind affects. Therefore, one can easily use the hypnotic state to increase feelings of inner peace as well as for increased prosperity. A most beneficial effect of hypnosis is that the body self regulates while in the state.  This reduces stress, improves health and that alone naturally induces an increased sense of inner peace. Now couple that benefit with powerful and specific suggestions for inner peace and prosperity that may be given during a hypnotic programming session, and you have a proven formula for feeling more peaceful and prosperous.

That is a good start to a much improved life, yet, it is just the beginning of how hypnotherapy can foster radical and permanent change in a person.  Most people experience improved conditions using hypnotic programming as a standalone method, however, by doing the additional work of clearing limiting beliefs that were likely programmed during childhood, a person can forever remove negative patterns that hold them back.

Now, admittedly, this clearing work, the “deeper work,” as I call it, is not necessarily as pleasant as a programming session.  To clear a negative pattern, it must be uncovered first.  This is where the emotions get involved.  You got to feel it to heal it.  And sometimes it just doesn’t feel good at all.  Sometimes it is downright painful, physically and emotionally. Sometimes that state is deliberately, temporarily, heightened during the session to find the root cause of the issue.  

So, yeah, it may feel like walking across broken glass for a few minutes.  But, if you never had to feel the pain again, if you never again had to wrestle with yourself over the issue, if you could move ahead with your life joyously and unencumbered by the weight of that painful past conditioning, if you could genuinely feel peaceful, perhaps for the first time in your life, would it be worth it?  

It was for me.  And my feet healed, so walking the peaceful path is practically pain free.