Interpersonal Hypnotherapy Blog

By Matthew Brownstein


There is a basic understanding found within all of the world’s great wisdom traditions and the basic message is that there is a unity within all that we see.  In our day-to-day lives,  we do not always appreciate this as our eyes are fixed upon a world of many diverse forms.  Aside from the perceptions that we take in with our senses, (the first mental map of NLP), we also create an entire inner world through our concepts of what we see, (the second mental map of NLP).  As we do this, we actually believe that what we know of the world is a real external objective reality, when in truth, all we really understand is the world that we have made up within our own minds.

When we come to the place where we desire to experience something more than just the external world, and when we have become disheartened with our ability to find peace within it, then we often turn to various therapies, religions and spiritual paths to work to find something deeper.  What we are looking for is also found within, just as the perceptions of our world are found within. Yet in the new inner searching that develops we, begin looking to find a reality that is truly fulfilling and meaningful.  Of these many modalities, Hypnotherapy has proven to be remarkably effective in changing the way we see our world and the way we see ourselves within it.

In the model of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, we begin with the presupposition that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We also pull from many of the world’s spiritual systems of thought to help deepen our understanding of the use of the powerful transformational modalities available to us.  In combining hundreds of hours of training with thousands of years of accumulated knowledge and wisdom, we are empowered to bring about change that might be otherwise considered impossible – and especially in such short periods of time.

When the transformations that occur are rooted in a vision of oneness rather than a perception of duality, then we begin to understand where Transpersonal Hypnotherapy very easily turns into Interpersonal Hypnotherapy for in oneness everyone is our very own self.  With this understanding, we can then understand the Hypnotherapy Training offered here at the Institute.

We begin with Classical Hypnotherapy and move our way into Clinical Hypnotherapy.  From there we begin to look into healing and some of the deeper metaphysical principles that are being alluded to here.  From there we can take the wondrous plunge into Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and the even deeper teachings of Interpersonal work.  All of this is founded on offering a high-quality Hypnotherapy Education with State-Licensed Diplomas and IAIH Certifications.  

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