Law of Attraction

By Cheryl Mitchell, CCHt


LOA. Who hasn’t heard about the Law of Attraction these days? The movie The Secret was an overwhelming success because it spoke to us on a deep level. It reminded us of a truth that perhaps we had forgotten. Even though it has been told for millennia that “as a man thinketh, so is he,” in today’s society, that message has seemingly been lost. Many people have listened to the movie, numerous times, maybe read the book, then start to apply the techniques they learned then wait for their dreams to manifest only to be discouraged and decide that it doesn’t work.


The Law of Attraction is basically that “like attracts like.” I learned that in earth science class as a kid. So what’s the big deal there and how can hypnotherapy help? The big deal is that it is not the ideas in your conscious mind that are attracting things. The long held ideas in your subconscious mind are attracting things. It is the beliefs in the subconscious mind that drives our behavior, and since hypnotherapy works directly with the subconscious mind, the beliefs can be changed. Change the belief, change your life.


While the concepts in The Secret can be applied to manifest peace of mind and other non-material experiences, many people following The Secret use its teachings for material gain. So let’s use a material example. Let’s say that you want a new car. You apply the techniques from The Secret and start affirming that you have a new car. You imagine yourself in the new car. You see it in your driveway. That is a great start, yet you notice that every time you use your affirmation, or imagine that new car in the driveway, that little voice in the back of your head says “Yeah, right!” Now you are at least aware of the internal conflict, so that is a good thing. When the argument in your mind comes up, then you realize that you really don’t belief that you can have the car, or that you don’t really deserve a new car. Whatever that negative belief is, it will keep you from manifesting that new car. Or anything else outside of your comfort zone, even peace of mind. After all, some people subconsciously belief they do not deserve to be peaceful.


But no matter the topic, a new car or peace of mind, using proven hypnotherapy protocols, your emotions and beliefs relative to the topic are uncovered and then transformed with hypnotherapy. You may not even realize that you have a belief that is holding you back, yet if one exists, it will hold you back from getting the thing you are trying to manifest. Even if you do get it, something will happen to cause you to not have it any longer shortly after getting it. The good news is that these limiting beliefs can easily be uncovered and transformed through various hypnotherapy techniques. And then once those beliefs in the subconscious mind are different, you experience things differently. If there is no internal conflicting belief to you owning a new car, you could see one easily (dare I say peacefully?) showing up in your driveway.