We Are All Connected

by Patricia Acerra, DOM, LMT, CCHT

We all know the different feelings associated with being in a room with a joyful, positive person, or being in the room with an angry negative one.   The vibrational harmony goes from an uplifting melody to one with ominous, foreboding overtones.   Multiply that by about 7 billion.   This is  just  a small example  of how we are all connected.   How our vibrational energies mix and merge into a global symphony orchestra.

When my patients tell me that they have woken up with a feeling of dread or anger and can think of no earthly reason they feel that way, I tell them to start calling those closest to them to make sure they are ok.  Invariably,  they find that a son or daughter is in an emotional crisis; or a parent is feeling ill and afraid.  We are connected with threads of energy that are so strong that we can feel them across continents, not just rooms.   We are part of an infinite multi-dimensional matrix that goes deeper than the tiniest molecule and expands larger than the furthest galaxy.  Each one of us affects the quality of life and being in everyone else – and every living thing.

Our first chakra, immersed in beliefs about the "Tribe", has a sacred, inherent truth that says "All is One".  We learn and explore the creative power of this truth through experiences connected to our family tribe; then our school tribe, our work tribe; our gender tribe, our ethnic tribe, and on and on.   As tribal beings, we are energetically designed to live together, to create together to learn together, to be together, and to need one another.   We are designed to be part of each other’s energy system.  Keeping harmony within ourselves in an infinite network takes commitment and purpose.

You cannot just give lip service to this concept of All is One.  It must be practiced.   Every thought, action, emotion or belief has a direct consequence on the energy field of the patient and of the entire population and beyond – out into the Universe.  We vibrate collectively, like a symphony, created by the sum of our parts.  Each person contributes his or her own tune in the smallest decibels to the creation of life’s song.   Sometimes this song is discordant.

To treat a patient who is experiencing disharmony, I always include strengthening the Earth element, which has an affinity to relationships and sharing harmoniously.  Earth, when balanced, has a natural aversion to separateness, aloneness, emptiness or conflict because that is not the natural state of our being.  Yet often, I need to empower my patients with a deeper understanding of “All is One”.  A more specific inner revelation of how their relationship with others (or with the world) is affecting them.   

Interpersonal hypnotherapy has been an exceptional adjunct to acupuncture in accomplishing this understanding, giving them a new empowered awareness of their connection to everyone in the room – multiplied by about 7 billion.  By providing my patient an Interpersonal Hypnotherapy session, I can guide them to higher vibrational frequencies that once experienced, are sought after with a passion.   New concepts, inner wisdom and thought patterns color every interaction in their life and lead them to a harmony they could only have imagined before.  A harmony that contributes positively to the global symphony orchestra.