Hypnotic Dreamwork and Hypnotherapy

By Matthew Brownstein, CCHt


Have you ever woken up in the morning with memory of a dream that was so powerful and real, and yet you have no idea what it meant? Perhaps you’ve awoken in the middle of the night to find that a dream pulled you from a desired sleep – a dream perhaps scared or even terrified you – only to realize that you have no idea why your deep inner mind was showing you that dream?


Hypnotherapy is not necessarily one exact tradition, like almost any system of thought or practice; it is an evolution of many techniques that have proven to be effective within a certain context. One of the branches of thought and facilitation that has influenced Hypnotherapy is the practice of a modified form of Gestalt. In many mental health fields, very specifically with a Gestalt Therapist, the client is guided into a form of dialogue with key characters as the therapist works to bring about understanding, meaning and ideally resolution of that which seemed divided.


A Gestalt refers to a whole. When we are divided within ourselves we do not feel whole. When we are feeling separate from another through distance, or perhaps anger, then we do not feel whole – we do not feel at peace. When we experience a Gestalt within our own minds we then experience a deep feeling of inner calm and serenity – we come to a place of certainty. In Hypnotherapy these modified Gestalt dialogues (not formal Gestalt Therapy) have been used now for decades to guide people into this state of wholeness as found from within.


To understand Hypnotic Dreamwork, we needed that introduction to what a Gestalt is and what Gestalt Dialogues can be. Now if we think of our dreams, we have multiple symbols or characters in the dream – we can simply look at any noun (person, place or thing) and acknowledge it as important. In fact, it is so important in Hypnotic Dreamwork that it is considered to be a part of our very own psyche. Simply stated – every part of the dream is “You”.


These cutting-edge processes are taught at the Institute. Hypnotic Dreamwork cannot be easily explained in a short blog entry, yet join us for our live online Monday Night Conscious Community Class and discover the power of this technique in understanding your own inner mind and why it offers the messages that it does. This process helps us to truly grasp our use of the term “interpersonal hypnotherapy” which is why everything done at the Institute is always rooted in relationship.