Debbie Dubickas CCHt - Extended Hypnotherapist Support Network


The Enhanced Professional Hypnotherapist Support Network


by Debbie Dubickas, CCHt


What now?

The question I asked myself after I graduated hypnotherapy training in 2012.  A bitter sweet feeling.  One of accomplishment and joy yet a feeling of sadness that the practicals had come to an end.  The relationships and support I had during the course of my training had been a major credit to my own personal transformation and now it was time for me to see clients......

If on going education was offered such as the Enhanced Professional Support Network, I would have valued such a program immensely. That is why I am truly dedicated to the development of this program.  It is being designed to bring support and share the experiences I have gained with facilitating over 2,500 sessions since graduating, from my first client session for weight loss to my recent sessions facilitating breathwork.  

Your day as a Hypnotherapist is never predictable ......  from entity attachments, the shut down client, breaking through the clients that check out during breathwork, miraculous shifts during eye movement therapy, underlying parts that appear out of nowhere, repressed memories,  past life and inter-life experience and not to mention the issues that clients come to us with.

This new program is focused on creating a platform for the school's graducates, as well as other professional hypnotherapists who have a 300 hour certification in hypnotherapy. The program will provide access to mentorship and guidance in working successfully with your individual clients.   All in all, I am thrilled and excited to be sharing with you my own experiences with regularly seeing between 20 and 25 clients a week.  This Support Network is your Support Network, the Network to share, be aware, and support the work that we all strive to do as professionals.  

Join me this Monday evening March 23rd at 7 pm when Beth Snyder and I shall be discussing this ongoing professional support on our Online Conscious Community classroom.

Debbie Dubickas, Cht