Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

by Matthew Brownstein, CCHt


There exists a state of being known as the questioning state of mind.  It is a mind that does not know the truth of it's origin, and yet makes up a world of ideas to try to make sense of it's current condition.  In this sea of thoughts, we lose ourselves in a world of uncertainty, fear, and confusion.  We want to know, we’d like to know, and in our fear, we do our best to try to know.  However, in this questioning state of mind, we make many assumptions about ourselves and our world that simply are not true.


In this state, we give meaning to the world we see, when in reality, there is no meaning there at all.  This is to say that we look at an object or a situation and we project our inner ideas unto it and therefore, we perceive only what we think and not what is truly there.  Because of the nature of our mind, we truly only see the past.


To understand this idea, we can imagine an orange.  We only know it is an orange because of our past experiences with oranges.  We know that when we see this object that we can determine a lot about it from what we’ve learned before.  The problem is that most of us never realize that we never really see the orange at all, but rather see in our minds what we think an orange is and what it is for.


Transpersonal Hypnotherapy has a remarkable way of loosening us up from this fantasy of a reality and of this questioning state of mind.  By asking us to ask who we truly are, we begin working with the supposition that we do not know who we are.  This is easy to see in the paragraphs above where we speak of a mind that is confused, making up it's own ideas of what is going on and only seeing the past in these ideas.  We begin to awaken from this dream – from this illusion of our own making – when we begin to ask the question “Who am I?

This question, when asked over and over again, begins to grow into an insatiable hunger for self-realization.  When we realize that we have been living in a dream, then we can no longer be satisfied with a world of perceptions alone.  At this point, we know we need to wake up and because of our desire, an intense outer and then eventually inner search begins.

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy guides us to explore our inner realities. It asks us to question the reality of who we think we are.  With all of its methods of past-life regression, life-between-life regression, astral projection, lucid dreaming, remote viewing, stages of spiritual growth and various other metaphysical systems, we cannot avoid wondering if there is something more to our limited sense of self and our everyday reality of name and form.  

In time, we discover that life is indeed full of meaning, yet it is not the meaning that we ascribed to it.  In time we understand that something much greater than our own conscious minds has created a world of purpose, truth, love, light, and certainty.  There is indeed a reality beyond the world that we have made up.  From the questioning state of mind, we move into One Certain Truth.  In this we find out who we truly are, what we are meant to do and indeed we discover the true meaning of life itself.

I invite you to a deeper discussion on these topics at this week's Monday Night Online Conscious Community Class which is open to everyone. Come and discover the depth and breath of how the metaphysical modalities of hypnotherapy can bring us closer to these truths.