Institute of Hypnotherapy - Develop Psychic & Intuitive Abilities

By Matthew Brownstein, CCHt

In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Chapter 3 teaches about “siddhis” or “yogic powers.”  In the field of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and even Interpersonal Hypnotherapy these might seem very desirable, yet the saint Patanjali warns that it can be a trap on the spiritual path to work to obtain these powers for the sake of these powers alone.  Rather it is advised to seek the Highest through meditation and then all of the powers and mystical experiences that come along the way are simply – to paraphrase – nice additions to the enlightened state of Divine Consciousness.

In our Hypnotherapy Training there is great emphasis on looking into the question of who we really are as spiritual beings.  To train people to learn hypnosis without learning who they are in their essence is to miss the point of what the real path is all about.  However, when we seek the Highest in all that we do, then it could be said that all that what we need will be given to us along the way.  In this case, intuition and psychic powers become increasingly beneficial when we are being of service to others in a hypnotherapy setting.

In the Yoga Sutras, it is taught very clearly and with great repetition on the theme that these powers arise from the yogis ability to develop what is known as “sanyam” or “concentrated power”.  This power of concentration comes from the ability to hold one’s awareness on a desired object of consciousness without wavering.  This is more than just a stilling of the mind, yet rather is a power of awareness that is cultivated through meditating on one’s chosen ideal – in this case we are encouraged to meditate on pure consciousness itself and to find the non-dual state of Absolute Bliss Consciousness.

When this transcendent awareness is brought into an interpersonal relationship, then we can see how this sanyam power works to increase our psychic and spiritual awareness in two directions.  In the Ascending direction we are able to tap directly into Higher Consciousness to gain knowledge about our client that we might not know otherwise.  In the Horizontal direction we can place our intense concentrated awareness on the client and know more about them than we would by just relying on our own minds our or own abilities to perform a professional intake.

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