Feeling Stuck in Your Life

By Matthew Brownstein

People often come in for Hypnotherapy or Hypnotherapy Training with the hope of finding deeper meaning, purpose and direction in their lives.  Having been a practicing Certified Hypnotherapist for over 18 years now, I can personally say that I have never felt that I was off of my path.  Hypnotherapy has perfectly aligned with my personal spiritual views and experiences and has offered me tremendous peace in knowing that I am being of service to others in ways that are indeed truly meaningful and transformative.

I actually feel very deeply for someone who does not know their life’s path.  When someone feels stuck, trapped, lost, powerless or hopeless it is a terrible place to be and it is a place that no one has to be.  I personally have found that everyone has a calling; that we are all part of a bigger plan even if we cannot see it; and that our greatest joy comes from fulfilling our part in this plan.

To acknowledge that there is a plan acknowledges that there is a planner.  The belief that there is some higher intelligence that is aware of our sufferings and is also working to set us free might seem like a bold leap for some.  However, as a long-term student of A Course in Miracles, this is simply a presupposition that is embedded into the very fiber of the text itself.  Using theistic language, A Course in Miracles clearly acknowledges that there is a Reality, referred to as God, and that God has set forth a plan for His children to return home to him.  This return home is simply A Return to Love and does not imply that there is anywhere that we really need to go at all.

This sense of separation is only apparent and never actually occurred, however it has occurred in our minds and therefore for those who feel stuck, lost and hopeless then that is their subjective reality for themselves.  In this model, Spirit is aware of this, yet does not believe in it.  Spirit holds for us the idea of our perfection and oneness and has never forgotten that idea.   Therefore, when we align with who we truly are, we discover that we are never alone, never helpless and never without purpose and meaning.