By Matthew Brownstein.  Within each one of us is an ocean of peace, yet in our everyday lives we tend to forget this and to live in the realms of change and externally focused realities.  However, with so much love inside of us, it is a wonder that we ever turn to the outer world at all.  The problem is that many of us do not know of the joy that resides within and even worse is that many of us are afraid to look within.  Through hypnosis we can gently and lovingly be guided to find the inner well-spring of bliss that always resides at the core of our being.


Our topic deals with the chakras in that they can become a gateway into our inner reality and through hypnosis we can systematically be guided into this inner world.  Our topic also deals with “your cat” representing the external things that we use to seek comfort; and our topic also deals with your television as that which represents all of the ways that we may try to numb ourselves and seek distractions from the external world.


The reminder for this Monday Night Class is that happiness, peace, love and joy are all inner forces and that they can always be found within ourselves.  Hypnosis is an inner journey.  It is a refocusing of our attention away from the outer world and into our deep inner mind.  At times we discover aspects of our being that are not always pleasant, yet with hypnotherapy these things can be healed and transformed.


Understanding the chakras system gives us a road map that can be applied to the work of a professional hypnotherapist.  Many in the field are already familiar with the power of the chakras and during this class we welcome all participants to share their knowledge and wisdom as we all grow together in the field of hypnotherapy training to all become happier and healthier from all of the goodness that resides within.