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The Journals of Myckal Divane by Matthew Brownstein

The Journals of Myckal Divane by Matthew Brownstein

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The Journals of Myckal Divane is a fictional account of the Anahat Order of Sacred Service—a monastic community who enshrine and preserve the lineage of The Anahat Teachings.  This novel explains the Anahat Meditation System as found within Matthew Brownstein’s book, The Sacred Geometry of Meditation.  Here the inquiring student and practitioner of the meditation system will find a delightful and exceptionally deep exploration of The Anahat Teachings and the incredible potentials of mystical experience and Divine Love that the system inspires.


The story begins in the early 1800s when a young man named Myckal Divane is initiated into a sacred wisdom tradition in a hidden monastery deep in the Adirondack mountains.  Living in seclusion, the novice monk slowly learns the teachings of this sacred mystical order and then gradually unfolds into a profound spiritual awakening.  This book is essential for anyone practicing Anahat Meditation and for anyone who truly wants to understand the full potentials of the Anahat Teachings.