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Creating and Manifesting Audio Series

Creating and Manifesting Audio Series

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Creating and Manifesting is a twelve-step process designed to align the mind to tap into the incredible creative power that resides within all of us.  There is no limit to our ability to bring abundance, health and well-being into our lives.  The truth is that all of this goodness is already there and waiting for us – we do not need to create it at all.  True creating and manifesting opens us to the truth that Divine Mind has already created all that is and that to open to this abundance we simply need to align our minds to do so.  This process can be applied to manifesting success in any category of life including spirituality, mental/emotional health, physical health, career/finances, relationships, or any material thing that is desired – it can also be used for those little things that make lie so much sweeter – like those good parking spots.  Recording One is a talk on the topic that will teach you all of the basics of Creating and Manifesting.  Recordings Two and Three contain two meditations, one shorter version (about 7 minutes) and one longer more in-depth version (about 14 minutes) that lead you through the Creating and Manifesting Process.


These are mp3 audio downloads amounting to about 156MB.  Please allow adequate time to download a .zip file containing these recordings.  Please call 800-551-9247 with any questions you may have.