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The Life Mastery Course Online Download

The Life Mastery Course Online Download

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Life Mastery Course – The Getting Organized & Creating and Manifesting Processes


Life Mastery is being successful in all areas of our life.  This workbook includes in-depth explanations of two very powerful processes that enable this to happen.


       The first is The Getting Organized Process, which helps you to come up with:


-          Core Mission Statement – The essence of who you are and how you wish to live

-          Life Principles – The core values on which you base your life

-          Universal Laws – An understanding of how to succeed harmoniously in life

-          Prioritized Life Categories – Getting clear on what is most important and finding success in all these categories

-          Long-Term Vision – Dreaming big and learning how to “work backwards”

-          Mid-Range Vision – Reaching intermediary goals to allow the big vision to manifest

-          Short-Term Vision – Manifesting what needs to occur now to ensure success in the future

-          To Do Lists and Daily Planner – Implementing life plans into action

-          Collage – Seeing your dream in picture form for creative visualization


Once The Getting Organized Process is complete, you begin to use Creating and Manifesting, a very powerful 12-step process that allows this life vision to manifest easily and effortlessly.  This includes:


-          Developing Clarity of Intent

-          Understanding Universal Law

-          Deep Meditation

-          Creative Visualization Skills

-          Implementing powerful emotion and suggestions

-          Utilizing precise suggestions to align your mind to allow for success in manifesting

-          Developing a powerful commitment to reach your goals

-          Learning to let go and to surrender the outcome with non-attachment


Four audio downloads are used with this step-by-step workbook:


-          An introductory talk that guides you through setting up your Getting Organized Binder

-          An introductory talk on Creating and Manifesting

-          Two meditations that guide you through Creating and Manifesting sessions

-          Subliminal Programming for Creating and Manifesting successfully


These are mp3 audio downloads amounting to about 196MB.  Please allow adequate time to download a .zip file containing these recordings.  Please call 800-551-9247 with any questions you may have.