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Astral Projection - The Out-of-Body Experience Workbook and Recordings

Astral Projection - The Out-of-Body Experience Workbook and Recordings

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The ability to leave the physical body and to travel consciously and voluntarily is available to anyone who is willing to align themselves to the ability.  The out-of-body experience is an amazing way to know that you are indeed spirit and not matter.  Not only does the ability open us to incredible worlds and dimensions outside of the physical plane, but it inevitably requires that our spiritual growth unfolds in the process.  This workbook includes:
- An in-depth introduction to the workbook and audio recordings  
- A thorough section for overcoming fears
- A detailed look at astral projection and its potentials
- Explanations of chakras,  subtle bodies and other dimensions of reality
- An understanding of the stages of an out-of-body experience and teachings on how to move
   through these stages
- Explorations of various types of astral projection
- Simple instructions on how to use the audio recordings to get the most out of the experience
- Techniques for increasing the probability of projecting
- A one-evening plan for leaving your body that night
- Further resources to expand on the experience

The audio recordings include:

- Morning and Evening Hypnotic Programming Sessions
- Subliminal Programming for Astral Projection
- Guided Meditation Sessions for Ascending and Descending
- Guided Techniques for Deep Relaxation and Out-of-Body Travel