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25 Subliminal Programming Royalty Free Tracks

25 Subliminal Programming Royalty Free Tracks

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25 Subliminal Programming Sessions - Royalty-Free - $59.95 !!!

Including Smoking and Weight Loss Royalty-Free Subliminal Programming, this package includes 25 subliminal programming recordings.  Each recording is about 20 to 25 minutes long and includes embedded suggestions for each topic.  This music can be played alone or as background music in client sessions.  Included in this download are 25 Word Documents with about 10 suggestions each.  These are the written versions of the exact suggestions embedded in the music through the voice of Matthew Brownstein.

Contains about 6 unique pieces of music, which are perfect for relaxation and client sessions.

Once purchased, as royalty-free, you can utilize these recordings in any way that you see fit.

Recording Include:

  1. Accelerated Learning
  2. Anti-Aging
  3. Assertiveness
  4. Astral Projection
  5. Athletic Performance
  6. Attracting Your Soul Mate
  7. Creating and Manifesting
  8. Deep Restful Sleep
  9. Discipline and Follow-Through
  10. Discovering Your Life's Purpose
  11. Eliminating Procrastination
  12. Ending Nailbiting
  13. Forgiving and Letting Go
  14. Freedom from Alcohol
  15. Happiness and Joy
  16. Healing Grief and Loss
  17. Letting go of Anger
  18. Opening the Heart
  19. Overcoming Anxiety
  20. Prosperity
  21. Sales Success
  22. Self-Confidence
  23. Smoking Cessation
  24. Transforming Emotional Pain
  25. Weight Loss